Only the well proven and tested German Merz Aesthetics Products are applied

➢ First Medical Consult                                                   no charge
➢ Botox                                      per unit (Merz)                     R 60,-
                                                   per Syringe Pach 50 E           R 3.000,-  

➢ Forehead                                
➢ Glabellas
➢ Eyes per Area
➢ Mouth Area
                                      please ask for a quotation for various areas

➢ Per Syringe Pack                 (Merz) Hyaluronic Filler            R 3.000,-
➢ Per Syringe Pack                 (Merz) Hyal ACP/Hyal Syst.        R 3.000,-
➢ Per Syringe Pack                 (Merz) Radiesse                        R 5.000,-
➢ Nasolabial Lines                                                                  R 3.000,-
➢ Periorale Lines (Upper Lip)                                                  R 2.000,-
➢ Mentolabial Lines                                                                 R 1.200,-
Lips                                                                                     R 5.000,-
➢ Marianette Lines (Mouth corner)                                          R 3.500,-
                          please ask for a quotation for various areas                                   

An after treatment with additional medication is free of charge.

More than one Area at one time less – 10%

A connected area as the Nasolabial line and a touch up of the mouth corner I calculate as one area .

Augmentation of the middle face, cheekbone and cheeks as well as hands is calculated on request. It depends on the quantity of material.

The prices include treatment and material.

For each customer I discuss an individual treatment plan and after treatment it will be documented including photos before and after.

Every customer will fill in a Patient Medical History and has to sign a Patient Consent Form for treatment.

The attending doctor is member of the Bayerische Ärztekammer, Member No. 310843. She completed GP board membership exams in Germany and then went in to training and practice in both aesthetic and anti-ageing. She is subject to supervision and advanced training control by the Bayerische Ärztekammer. HDI Gerling Insurance Company provided complete insurance protection for Cape Town.

Cape Town, Oct. 2012