General information on aesthetic medicine


Aging of the skin
Starting at the age of 25 the skin gradually loses tone and elasticity. First signs of aging are wrinkles caused by mimics, such as crow’s feet around the eyes. As we approach 40 years of age metabolic processes in the skin also slow down. The blood flow is reduced and the skin becomes limper, rougher and coarser. The subcutaneous fatty tissue diminishes and sebaceous glands are less active. As a result the skin becomes drier, its surface becomes thinner. Creases appear on the cheeks, neck and cleavage. Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, which initially were no more than fine lines, become more pronounced over the years. Aging of the skin is further accelerated by strains and environmental influences such as UV light and smoking.

                                                               processes of aging

    Wrinkle treatment by injection
    Annoying wrinkles can be smoothed with an injection. A filler substance is gently injected under the wrinkle with a fine needle and plumps up the skin from below.
    They are so-called temporary fillers which over time are broken down by the body in a completely natural way. Fine, medium and even bold wrinkles can be corrected swiftly and reliably with this method. The success becomes visible immediately after the treatment. Wrinkle treatment by injection is a gentle alternative to surgical procedures.


    Wrinkle areas in the female midface
    Here, wrinkle treatment by injection technique with fillers is indicated


    Wrinkle areas in the male face
    Forehead wrinkles are smoothed with Botox. In the lower face I make wrinkles disappear almost completely by applying the injection technique.